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Attention Veterans and Spouses of Veterans!

Whether you are a Veteran who is under 65 and on TriCare or Medicaid but are not yet eligible for “TriCare For Life” and Medicare, or whether you have already reached 65 and have all your insurance options covered, there are critical decisions that you must still make that will affect not only your health care in years to come, but also your end-of-life planning.


As a Veteran, you know that there’s no percentage in leaving important decisions to the last minute. Not only will advance planning of important health care and end-of-life decisions give you peace of mind, it will be one of the most caring things that you can do for your family and others who care about you.

As someone who is in the habit of looking into the future and seeing what may be coming, you already know that the time may come when you are told by your physician that you are facing death soon. Most people carry with them the hope, or belief that they will die peacefully in their sleep, perhaps simply passing away from old age. But as a Veteran you know that Death can come in many ways, often quite unexpected, but you also know that planning for the unexpected is a smart decision.

The “Hospice Planning Guide For Veterans” was created with just this kind of clear-eyed planning in mind. You may already know that Hospice Care is a special kind of end-of-life care for people with a terminal condition who have less than six months left to life. But you may not have yet examined all of the details of Hospice Care, nor all of your options as a Veteran should the time for Hospice arrive in your life.

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